Tuesday, August 24, 2004


tomorrow i will severe all ties with my former institution of learning. tomorrow is the final day. it will be over by noon. i am nervous thinking about it. i am worried that i am a failure. hopefully everything will be fine tomorrow.

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ruby en route said...

i hope everything was fine tomorrow/today. i think you are a success. on to bigger and better things.
have you gone shopping for all your art supplies?
wish i could be there to make your lunch for your first day of art school or something.
this is odd though... we've gone from talking to friendstering to commenting on each other's blogs.
i have a book recommendation for you: life after god, by douglas copeland. very nice... i think you would like it and it has nice pictures.
i will call you soon.
i miss you. do you miss me?
love, ~c
p.s. give chou two cheek kisses a la francaise for me.