Friday, June 27, 2008

Festival Miden

"start from zero*"
4, 5, 6 July 2008
Contemporary video art screenings in Kalamata / Greece

(* "miden" means "zero" in Greek)

Many artists, groups and video creators from all over the world will participate in this year's screening program of Video Art Festival Miden, which will take place in public spaces of the historic centre of Kalamata, from the 4th to 6th of July 2008 (Amfeia's Square, 9.20pm).
In its 4th realization Festival Miden will present 205 works from various artists from over 40 countries, aiming to a global presentation of the most interesting contemporary video art practices and trends. The program includes thematical screenings and tributes, interactive projects, student works and a special tribute to Manthos Santorineos, As. Professor in Athens School of Fine Arts and a pioneer Greek media-artist.

Festival Miden is a production of "Sea Level" (urban, non-profit company).
Co production: Municipality of Kalamata
With the support of Kalamata's Historic Centre Organisation and the Messinia Chamber of Commerce.

Art Director: Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos
Art Curators: Gioula Papadopoulou-Margarita Stavraki

As the World Goes by my Window with Thurston and Kim will be shown at the festival Miden

Friday 4/7/2008

Amfeia's Square, 9.20 p.m.

Program: Headlines

1. Simon Chang, Evaporation, (Taiwan & Chech Rep.-2007) 12.22
2. David Yun, The Pain with Being Thirsty, (USA-2007) 6.30
3. Donny Correia, Anatomy of Decay, (Brazil-2008) 5.18
4. Morteza Akoocheklan, The Gaze, (Iran-2008) 1.40
5. Kevin Logan, Recitation, (UK-2007) 4.29
6. Andreas Zingerle, Wild West Reloaded, (Austria-2007) 1.15
7. Feargal O'Malley, Violets, (Ireland-2005) 2.51
8. Stephen Eakin, The Sidewalk, (USA-2007) 3.56
9. Kate Walker & Jennifer Beth Guerin, Elsewhere, (USA & New Zealand-2007) 2.06
10. Tina Willgren, Wood Report, (Sweden-2006) 1.57
11. Kim Kielhofner, As the world goes by my window with Thurston and Kim, (Canada-2007) 2.51
12. Eleni Papadaki-Dafni Mitsiou, The forgotten season, (Greece-2008) 1.47
13. Sylvia Winkler & Stephan Koeperl, But The Customers Like It, (Germany-2006) 2.00
14. Monika Pavlechova, Get A Taste Of Life, (Slovakia-2006) 1.48
15. Nikolaos Pastras, for j.g. ballard, (Greece-2008) 2.46
16. Michael Beauvent, Meditation, (Belgium-2007) 3.30
17. Jonas Nilsson, Passing by, (Sweden-2007) 2.17
18. Andrew Eyman, The End, (France & USA-2000) 5.00

Total duration: 65 min