Saturday, November 27, 2004


International Sticker Art 2004

November 20th - December 18th

KCDC Skateshop

99 N. 10th Street @ Wythe Ave.

Williamsburg Brooklyn

"Stickerhrow (sti•ker•thro), n.An event where persons, typically musical bands or companies who are a part of an underground youth culture promote themselves or their products by throwing adhesive stickers into large crowds of agitated youngsters often inciting frenzy to obtain the stickers."
Stickerthrow! has a simple concept at it's base. Everybody loves stickers. Especially if they're dope stickers. Double-especially stickers that are free.
So we decided to round up as many Street Artists as we could to pay homage to the humble sticker and flow as many stickers as we could in the process.
We are exhibiting the featured artists in a more traditional gallery setting. We've selected over 40 artists from all over the world who love stickers and have a pile of them wherever they go. Most of these are not stickers that were specially crafted for the show. Many are standard issue stickers you'll find on the streets of New York, Bangkok, London, or Amstersdam. Others have hand crafted stickers just for this event.
We're also going to have an interactive sticker wall that will be covered by stickers from Street Artists from all over as well as inviting any and all persons attending the show to bring and apply their own stickers to the wall.
If you're familiar with Street Art you'll recognize lots of names, Eko, Medium, You Are Beautiful, Jet-Pac. If you're not, then come get an education on who's regultaing the Hood in Paris, San Francisco, Tokyo or New Dehli.
In short we wanted to have a show that was as much about a good time as it was about showing new artists works in a dope medium.Hope to see you there!Abe Lincoln Jr. and Anera

Sunday, November 14, 2004

start where you are

Start Where You Are
November 20th, 2004
Location: 18th and Mission Streets, San Francisco
We’re really excited for this show, having received lots of exceptional work by lots of exceptional artists. This show is in conjunction with “SHINE: A San Francisco Art Walk.” (Previously known as Crosswalks) There will be other galleries participatinng in the neighborhood for a Mission wide art-walk. Last year, this event was so well-received by the press that we got a write-up in the Guardian’s Best of the Bay (see below), so it’s not the show to miss. Come on down and see the magic that occurs when an overlooked corner of the city transforms into a beautiful display of art.

Monday, November 01, 2004

fresh produce


Emerging and established artists from the U.S. Canada, England and
Australia participate in this fourth annual invitational holiday
exhibit and sale. These artists were invited based on their
artistic vision and contribution to contemporary culture. Each artist
has submitted up to 10 works of original art available for $5 - $150.

Opening Reception: First Friday December 3, 2004 A.D.

6pm - 8pm - Collectors' Pre-Sale $10/door (beat the crowd!)
8pm til late - free admission

Exhibit/Sale continues through January 14, 2005 A.D.
Gallery hours: Mon - Thurs, Noon - 5pm and other times by appointment.

All items are cash and carry on a first come, first served basis.

Participating Artists: Luke Chueh, Francis Estrada, Sharon Eisley,
BASK, PARS, Pamela Jaeger, Dave Warnke, Matthew Curry, Lucien
KIm Kielhofner, Tim McCormick, Ryan Jacob Smith, Mike Godwin, Caitlin
Kuhwald, Julie West, Tanxxx, Lisel Jane Ashlock, Gary Abkin, Brad
Isdrab, Deth P Sun, Keith Bormuth, Sean Boyles, Peter Goode, Marq
Spusta, Kari Byron, Ross Holden, Marissa Newell, Lesley Reppeteaux,
Will Russell, Andrew Schoultz, Matthew Ro, Blaine Fontana, Jenny
Frances Glass, Alfonso Kellenberger, Akiko Nakaji, Kamau Patton, Ezra
Li Eismont, Alex Kopps, Laura Flippen, Porous Walker, Jessie Rose
Howie Tsui, Kaori Kasai, Dan Lewis, Tyler Cohen, Paul Urich,

Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design
150 So. Montgomery Street Unit B
San Jose, CA 95110
t: 408.271.5151 / f: 408.271.5152
mon - thurs, noon - 5pm
first fridays 8pm 'til late