Friday, March 30, 2007

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mix and mash creative commons uk

Mix&Mash Finalist- Kim Keilhofner
Kim Keilhofner is one of the three finalists of the Creative Commons UK film Remix Competition, Mix&Mash, with her entry:
'Hail the Faliure of Urban Planning'
- The three finalists receive a Avid Liquid Software Pack worth £309. - A screening of the films will be organised in the near future.- They will also be featured on Creative Commons UK.
To have a look at all the entries go to
We interviewed Kim to learn about his veiws on remixing and her inspiration for the film:
CCuk: When did you first become interested in Remixing?
Kim: I became interested in remixing in my video practice because I wanted to create a visual style that complemented my interest in literary and artistic traditions of pastiche. I am interested in how identities interact with culture, and remixing is a technique that addresses this question quite well.
CCuk: How did you pick the particular interpretation of your film?
Kim: I wanted to create a work that was very clearly constructed, I wanted to create a nice movement that built into intensity into a conclusion. I matched the images and soundtrack to do this. I contrasted the smoothness with "the shock of the moment" including sounds that are often harsh and the strong text. My interest in this comes from ideas about representation, what is possible to represent, and what comes of creating a representation of something abstract.
CCuk: Are you, or do you want to be, professionally involved in film making?
Kim: Yes, I do want to be involved professionally. I am most interested in developing my practice in experimental video/film.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

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