Friday, August 27, 2004

ah the cinema

films i've seen recently:
susperia (dario argento)
eraserhead (david lynch)
careful (guy maddin)
joe (a 70s movie about hippie killers)
the hunger (with david bowie)
liquid sky (cult)
trust (hal hartley)
switchblade sisters (jack hill)
nights of cabiria (fedrico fellini)
louisiana story
doom generation (greg araki)
journey into bliss
big business (with bette midler)
triplettes of belleville
tenebre (dario argento)
the living end (greg araki)
spider baby (jack hill)
napolean dynamite
battle royale
m.butterfly (cronenberg)
mystery train (jarmusch)
shivers (cronenberg)
the 400 blows (truffaut)
the happiness of the katakuris (takashi miike)
Night on Earth (jarmusch)

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