Thursday, May 03, 2007

the program for video screening on may 4th

Bird calls
Malcolm Sutherland
Duration: 4:59

While checking messages on an answering machine, the written languages of Birds come to life.

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Du Cercueil
rémy huberdeau
Duration: 5:18
Du cerceuil is based on a dream involving Louis Riel, his coffin (located at the St-Boniface museum in Winnipeg), a transsexual body and a minefield of race, body and community politics. This footage was reprocessed first through filmed projection, then through a 1970s era video mixer. Du cerceuil is an excerpt from a 3-channel installation that will hopefully be up in the fall of 2007.rémy huberdeau is sometimes a video artist who works with documentary, animation and experimental forms, whenever the timing is right.
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Hail the Failure of Urban Planning
Kim Kielhofner
Duration: 2:36

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The Royal Disembodiement Society
Valérie Boxer
Duration: 11:40
The Royal Disembodiment Society is a project based on the creation of a fictive secret society investigating the paranormal in relation to the body and its points of porosity and resistance
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Three shorts
Kit Malo
Duration: 1:51

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Julien Ceccaldi
Duration: 1:46

Julien Ceccaldi is a Montreal-based animator creatively dedicated to the absorption and recomposition of popular culture in unusual and unique ways. He is currently completing his second year as a film animation student at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema.Papierschnitt is an ironic, ambiguous, wacky and colourful interpretation of what it is like to be in a cult. The film provides the audience with delightful, appealing visuals accompanied by an irresistibly catchysoundtrack by Montreal-based artist Nicolas Chausseau. The film experience might not be so pleasant for the followers of this merry cult, as they will learn at their own expense that even fun may come with a price.

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a short work
Duration: 5:42


Patrick Dyer
Duration: 9:47

I wanted to find an point where teen angst intersects with the sublime. I could not accept the responsibility of creating vision so I have inserted myself into a fabric woven together from the 'vision' of others. My character finds himself arguing through pop lyrics with a masked mirror image over webcam; emotionally stricken he succumbs to the overwhelm of his subconcious which manifests as a strange world that pulses to electronic rhythms and melodies.

Three Video Thoughts About the Possible Shape of the Universe
Alana Ruth
Duration: 2:54

Brendon Reed
Duration: 3:34

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St. Henri: des amoureux
Romy Ceppetelli and Vacation Lane
Duration: 2:52

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Nathan Boey
Duration: 2:31

Nathan Boey is from Winnipeg, now lives in Montreal, used to like making stuff, now loves making stuff.

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Rachel Dhawan

Duration: 10:30 (excerpt of 20:53)
Rachel Dhawan is a video and textile artist whose work explores the intersections of identity: sexuality, class, race, gender - but not in that boring, academic way we all know and hate. For more information: (coming soon)

jj Levine
Duration: 3:20

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