Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cake, Art, and Much Merriment

Art at General54 54 St. Viateur Ouest, Montreal
including Sarah Courtemanche, Dan Buller, Kit Malo, Oksana, Rebecca Rosen, Joyce Yam, Mark Dixon, Julien Ceccaldi, Kim Kielhofner, Naomi Cook, Lisa Wilson, Daniel Nessler, Rachel Berger, Becky Emlaw, Shannon Kelly, Konan Cook and more.....
June 18th (opening at 7PM) to July 19th, 2009
redbird studios

1 comment:

sves said...

woohoo! i will go see it.

ps. i think i saw you one time on bernard just east of park. you were wearing green and was listening to music. although, this was awhile ago.. at the middle of may?