Saturday, September 06, 2008

Art Pop

Art Pop, the art part of the Pop Montreal music festival is coming up in the first week of October and features a lot of great events featuring artists Jacques Tardi, Anti-Cool, Adrian Norvid, Beans & Bueller, Jack Dylan, Sinbad Richardson and Valérie Boxer ... and many many others.
Check out the full events listing here

Here's a video promo for the festival::

By the way, when you are registering for the festival at the Notman House - 51 Sherbrooke West, Wed Oct. 1st to Sun Oct. 5th, between 11am and 7pm. You can and should pick a free, that's right FREE zine of artist drawings done during fringe pop. This little booklet includes works by Adrian Norvid, Lauren Simkin Berke, Anna Jane McIntyre, Kim Kielhofner, Christine Boudreau, Graham Hall, Janice Tiefenbach, Andrea Tiefenbach, Malcolm Sutherland, Clement Yeh, Kit Malo and Julien Ceccaldi. Get a little sneek preview in the on-line gallery
go check out kit and julien!

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