Saturday, September 22, 2007

what would happen if we met?

“What Would Happen If We Met?” is a drawing series created from portraits of people in varying situations brought together on the blank page for often comic and/or disconcerting results. Inspired from the growth of social networking sites, the title’s question is quite literal. The portraits are taken from various social networking sites. The drawings leave the two figures relationship in limbo. There is only one visual clue that the two are connected at all.

These drawings exist in tandem with a web-based project of the same name that provides the missing context and links to these fictional characters identities. The drawings exist in the physical. The characters identities, however, only exist on the web.

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seth said...

these profiles are just great! it's very impressive how you've put this together, really, i don't know how to do much on the internet like that it really is impressive!