Monday, May 08, 2006

kim and kit present

Opening: Saturday May 13 from '5 Ã 7' at articule 4001 rue berri #105

Kim Kielhofner and Kit Malo are presenting a
collaborative work that deals with ideas of intimacy
and its possibilities in everyday life. The starting
point for the project Bienvenue / Welcome is the
artist's visits of different restaurants and the
interactions between them and individuals they meet.
These encounters result in the production and in the
exchange of drawings based on their conversations.
The drawings then act as invitations to the gallery
where the participants are invited to make decisions
in how to display the drawings in the space. Along
with the works there are recordings and photographs
documenting the interactions and contexts of the
various places. With the exhibition Bienvenue /
Welcome, Kim Kielhofner and Kit Malo are addressing
the responsibility of the artist towards communities
and their interactions with galleries and the art
milieu, affirming that art can connect with various
realities outside of the realm of established 'art

from may 13th to 28th

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