Wednesday, July 28, 2004

dear sadie benning,

i saw your film "it wasn't love".

"she is simultaneously viewer and creator, enacting a process that no longer has any clear boundaries of demarcation among the various levels of looking that separate the spectator from the television screen."

when i saw your film i thought it was me up there dancing to billie holiday. i thought i was telling the story.

"benning doesn't really care if she communicates or not, because she intuitively senses the paradoxes of the electronic image and the many pitfalls that her images and monologues actually enter into." solution "not linking formal experimentation with communication she is willing to risk the consequences of audiences doing their own experimentation"

but i thought you were talking to me too.

"benning's crisis of identity and her search for absolution bear a relation to the reality that her tape has constructed."

i thought we could be similar because we both grew up in wisconsin.

we each know where we are in the film but sometimes i got lost in the screen.

"benning represents that aspect of modern american culture that has produced thousands of zines"

i am doing the same thing that you did but i never knew it was the same until i saw it.

"to at least imagine a cultural and social context of community"

in my head we are good friends..


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